Areas of Expertise

We can help you at any stages of the process

  • High-speed Signal Design

    We can work with you on your idea to make sure it’s doable

  • Sensitive Analog Circuits

    Your idea now will be turned into a design specification and then a block diagram

  • Mixed-signal boards

    Expert in schematic design, flat or hierarchical. We also provide schematic review service.

  • RF design

    We have our own standard PCB library. We can also developt and maintain your library based on your company rules

  • High Current/ High Voltage Designs

    We have team in the US and abroad. We can work on your board 24-hour a day

  • High Density Boards

    We understand your design, not just do PCB layout. Power simulation is in our standard design process, apply to all boards we design.

  • Flex and Rigid-Flex

    All of your boards will be checked DFT and DFM

  • Low EMI Designs

    We stand behind our design. We work with fab house and assembly house to meet their standard and deliver boards on time with highest quality.

  • Board bring up

    We can developt a procedure and bring up your board. A report will be generated…

Schematic design

More than you expected.

Flat design

Graphic Design

Hierarchical design

Website Design


Website Design

Design review

Website Design

PCB layout

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Le Pham

Le Pham

Lead Designer

Reports to CTO
Lives in Munich, Germany

Kay is an awesome Lead Designer with heaps of experience in the field of UX. She worked at Pied Piper for years until they went belly up.

Larry Parker

Larry Parker

Lead Marketer

Diana Pertersen

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

Diana Pertersen

Diana Pertersen

Lead Developer

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CAD Tools

Optimal solution - Fastest implementation

Cadence OrCAD

Schematic capture

Cadence Allegro

PCB layout


Schematic - PCB Layout



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